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Latitude 24.65 Longitude 207.10

Credit: Kent Steadman

Examining the Steadman Lake Runes
By Christopher Montgomery

New satellite images and the genius of computer enhancement has given us the ability to view the runes on Mars with more clarity than ever before! The Santilli law is that you get the photos out and let everyone decide for themselves. Kent Steadman offers compelling evidence to the existance of an ancient civilization on Mars.(Ref. 1) Steadman said that he had "almost slid by the data" because the "low res seemed so innocuous." He calls this "A finding and recommendation for further investigation." When you visit the Steadman web site, you will be greeted by an audio sampling of the best background AWE Soundblaster I have heard to date. This site promises to entertain and educate. You can also link to other web sites that are directly linked to the latest archeological research in Egypt.

ABU SIMBEL, Off The Nile
Egypt, Earth

Credit: Kent Steadman; ORBIT


Evidence Advanced Technology
By Christopher Montgomery

Kent offers us this look at what Egyptian runes look like here on earth for comparison. As you can see, the statues in these photos are also carved into what we believe to be solid rock. Davidovitz postulated a theory that the runes in Egypt, especially the Great Pyramid, were constructed with a conglomerate material, not unlike concrete in use today. This would have enabled the ancient Egyptians to construct these monolithic giants by casting the blocks on the spot. There isn't a crane built today that can lift these blocks to the top of the Great Pyramid, despite the fantastic claims of some engineers. It can not be done. This points to an advanced technology. It indicates that the ancient Egyptians were not as primitive as was once believed. We wanted to get these images on line so you could view them. We will post this right away so that everyone can enjoy these fantastic photographs! UFORC thanks Kent Steadman for his contribution to science.

"'Kent: Great find. The lake deserves your name or that of your father. I studied Mars prior to going into our national space program, but nothing like this. Congratulations. How could NASA eyes have missed this?' (Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, Kennedy Space Center, Florida)."

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